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The Elefante Letrado platform has hundreds of books of different complexities and genres. Titles of renowned children's literature authors are available to students and teachers, arranged in five different levels of reading proficiency. Our collection of books aims to create opportunities for students to advance autonomy in reading at their own pace and according to their abilities, integrating technology with learning.

Main authors:

  • Ziraldo


  • Monteiro Lobato

    Monteiro Lobato

  • Irmãos Grimm

    Irmãos Grimm

  • Charles Perrault

    Charles Perrault

  • Carlo Collodi

    Carlo Collodi

  • Alexandre de Castro Gomes

    Alexandre de Castro Gomes

  • Martha Medeiros

    Martha Medeiros

  • Rosinha


  • André Neves

    André Neves

  • Sérgio Capparelli

    Sérgio Capparelli

  • Chris Dias

    Chris Dias

  • Gustavo Finkler

    Gustavo Finkler

  • Marcelo Carneiro de Cunha

    Marcelo Carneiro de Cunha

  • Leo Cunha

    Leo Cunha

  • Cláudio Fragata

    Cláudio Fragata

  • Celso Gutfreind

    Celso Gutfreind

  • Alexandre Brito

    Alexandre Brito

  • Dilan Camargo

    Dilan Camargo

  • Janaina Tokitaka

    Janaina Tokitaka

  • Heloisa Prieto

    Heloisa Prieto

  • Hermes Bernardi Jr.

    Hermes Bernardi Jr.

  • Carlos Urbim

    Carlos Urbim

  • Raquel Grabauska

    Raquel Grabauska

  • Elias José

    Elias José

Partner publishers:

  • Iiluminuras
  • Globo Livros
  • Projeto Editora
  • Highlights

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