How does your school encourage students to read more? With Elefante Letrado, students’ reading habits are developed in a fun and innovative way while teachers follow their progress in real time!

The student has access to an incredible library

Elefante Letrado sparks the students’ interest in reading through a fun, playful, and interactive environment.

20 minutes per day, 4 times a week

Based on international studies, children that reach these goals display a significant improvement in development in several different academic areas and during their adult life, achieve better results in standardized testing.

It is so easy to get it!

To have access to the platform, you can sign up for Elefante Letrado through a membership plan per student or incorporate the cost into the classroom supplies list for the year, allowing you to recoup your expenses.

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Average of


Books read per year, per student

10x more than the Brazilian average

More than

7 Million

books read on the platform


of schools have already adopted in Brazil and abroad

Livros que auxiliam o aluno a aprender o mundo.
Publishers that are part of Elefante Letrado
Colégio Marista Medianeira
Escola Americana de Campinas
Pan American School
Anglo Caraguatatuba
Elim Elementary School
São Judas Tadeu

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