We encourage your child to create reading habits in an entertaining, innovative, and interactive environment that sparks children’s interest!

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You child will read so much more

With access to our incredible digital library, your child will develop abilities that go way beyond reading. There are hundreds of digital books to read at school or in the comfort of your home with you by their side, building an incredible relationship through each and every story.

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20 minutes per day, 4 times a week

Based on international studies, children that reach these goals display a significant improvement in development in several different areas of knowledge. When incorporating reading habits at home, your child also strengthens their family ties.

The school monitors everything in real time

Although it can be used at home, Elefante Letrado is a school application. Your child’s performance is monitored by his/her teacher through reports, which identify their number of reading hours and comprehension.

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More than

560 Books in Portuguese

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400 Books in English


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