How do you make your students read more? With Elefante Letrado, you instill reading habits in a fun, engaging, and innovative way and also monitor classroom performance in real time!

I want in my school

Your student has access to an incredible library

There are hundreds of books, from different authors and genres, to read anytime, anywhere. All presented in a fun, playful, and interactive environment that sparks children’s interest for reading.

Reading comprehension is developed and evaluated

Upon finishing a book, your student will have fun playing educational games which evaluate if s/he is understanding what s/he reads. Each activity develops one of three of the different reading abilities, in accordance with the new BNCC.

Monitoring your students’ progress

We consider ourselves your allies in the learning evaluation process. With a few clicks, you can monitor your classes’ performance as well as each individual student through comprehensive reports that show real-time activities.


Recognition of the student’s learning pace and style.


Promoting academic engagement and motivation through games.

Evidence-based education:

Pedagogical decisions guided by science.

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