Elefante Letrado

We are a reading platform designed to instill reading habits, comprehension, and literacy in children from kindergarten to elementary school. With hundreds of digital childrens' books, arranged at different levels of proficiency, our collection includes renowned authors as Ziraldo, Monteiro Lobato, among others. Another distinguishing feature of the tool is that the student makes his path of reading, advancing at different levels as he reads and does the practice activities. Teachers also have access to a reporting dashboard that shows the performance of each student and class, helping them with assessment.

Our purpose

We try to contribute to the development of reading comprehension, integrating the child to literacy through a platform that helps teaching, supported by new digital technologies.


``Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.``

- Nelson Mandela

A platform for students and teachers

A whole library at your fingertips

The digital library is organized to better meet reading proficiency levels. Contents of different complexity and varied genres are grouped in levels (A to Z ), enabling students to advance in reading the books at their own pace and according to their abilities.

Educational activities

All activities are associated to a set of descriptors introduced in a playful manner. They include games and quizzes about the books, comprising multiple choice questions, memory and hopscotch games, among other strategies.

Reporting Tools and Data Analytics

The system utilizes the same descriptors as Provinha Brasil (1st through 3rd grade of elementary school ) and Prova Brasil (5th grade of elementary school ) of Saeb / MEC / Brasil. The teacher can measure how the students respond to their assignments, how they are developing their reading skills, and what guidance they need to achieve the expected competencies. The results provided by the platform, based on the students' assessment analytics, provides teachers with one more metric of evaluation.

Access anytime, anywhere

The platform and its digital library can be accessed on computers, laptops and tablets connected to the Internet. Connectivity, mobility and accessibility always handy.

Contact us

+1 321 662-2325