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Have you received a code to purchase Elefante Letrado for use as educational materials?

This area is restricted to legal guardians of students at schools that have contracted the Elefante Letrado Platform under an "Educational Materials" format. If you have been directed by the institution to purchase access through means of a code, follow the steps below. Gaining access to the platform is simple! :)

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Elefante Letrado

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passo 1

Click the button below to access the purchase process and enter the code provided by the school. Click "Confirm".

Access the Platform Here
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Enter a registration email that will be linked to the platform.

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Select the student's school year and enter the first three letters of their name to locate them in the system.

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Enter the information necessary for the purchase. If you have a discount coupon, enter it into the field on the right side of your screen.

passo 5

Choose your payment method:

  • a) Credit card: Complete the fields and select the number of installments. Access to the Platform will be cleared in up to 15 minutes.
  • b) Bank-Issued Voucher ('Boleto Banc├írio'): Payment will be confirmed within 48 business hours and access will be cleared.
passo 6

After completing the purchase, you will receive a notification at your registered email containing login information and password. If you have chosen to provide payment through a bank-issued voucher, you will receive the file for printing and payment.

passo 7

Student access will be enabled using the provided login and password information. Access the website and click "Login".


Important Information!

Login and Password

Login and Password

Following the guidelines of the General Data Protection Act (LGPD), if a student forgets their login information or password, family members must request this data directly from the student's teacher.



Please contact our Support Team:
Phone (51) 3084-4049
WhatsApp (51) 99125-2538.